EO PhiWeek 2019


The European Space Agency wanted to create an event with a strong emotional impact on the audience of 700 scientists with cutting edge light displays and projections. The venue had a maximum capacity of 500, and no existing lighting, audio or seating setup.


Working closely with the client we found solutions that would have a big impact but also not blow the already set budget. We installed line array pillars with delays in order to increase the audio experience without having to raise the volume. Lights were positioned in an innovative way, using the best console the market has to offer. Five LED screen were positioned at the back of the stage with different distances between them in order to create a sense of depth. To address the capacity limitation, we identified a nearby space to fit the extra 200 people and provided an interactive video and audio setup so the participants could interact.


The event was very successful, creating unforgettable memories for everyone participating. The client was so satisfied with the outcome that they confirmed our support for the forthcoming years.