Palazzo dei Congressi

Le Terrazze


In the Roman residential neighborhood of EUR, Palazzo dei Congressi organized a series of summer events called ‘Le Terrazze’. Teaming up with Loud Professional, we offered our services in order to provide audio systems, lighting and videos for events hosting 5,000 people.

One of the main challenges was the venue’s historical status, forbidding us from installing wall mounts. Being a residential area, we also needed to ensure that the sound volume would satisfy the customers, but not to bother the people living in the surroundings.


We tackled the problem with the restrictions by installing 3.5 meter tall aluminium towers, with the use of steel plates weighing 80 kg, in order to ensure stability without affecting the building’s structure. We then set up a 30,000 watt Lab Gruppen sound system on the structures and pointed the speakers facing down, as to direct the sound. We then installed sound absorbing panels on the ground. To complete the work, we provided cutting edge lighting and projections onto the building’s facade, taking advantage of mapping technologies.


The series of summer events was incredibly successful not only among customers but also among residents in the neighborhood, who we impressed with the very low impact of sound in the surroundings. Le Terrazze have confirmed working with us for the forthcoming years.