We cover a variety of needs so you have one only interface for all technical aspects of your event.

Sound systems

When talking about audio equipment, we provide a vast range of amplifying systems to satisfy needs from small conference rooms to massive stadiums, and everything in between. Speakers are placed with mastery according to the venue’s traits and spaces, in order to provide the best acoustic impact. Together with the speakers we also provide microphones such as wireless handhelds and headsets, as well as podium microphones. All this comes together with sound direction and a sound engineer.

Lighting design

We illuminate events from all angles, not only targeting the stage but also all of the other spaces of the location, creating dramatic effects and jaw-dropping light shows. We are environmentally sensitive, and use the latest generation sustainable materials.


We are able to offer a wide range of video solutions, from classic tv screens all the way to LED walls. LED walls are screens that can be assembled without the constraints of shape or size, all the way to 360 degrees panels which can be viewed outside or inside the ring. Videos can then be played and create amazingly impactful shows.

Set design

JBG Productions doesn’t limit itself on audio/video services. We design projects that can include aluminum frames and full stages together with all the needed equipment. We can also provide chairs, sofas, backstages, decorative plants and 3D writing.


Wow your audience with visual projections. We can display video projections on a building’s facade thanks to a complex mapping process so that the images can interact with the design of the building. What does that mean? We can simulate the opening of windows where a character can come out of one and back into another. The possibilities are endless.


Holograms are projections that happen on invisible surfaces such as glass and plexiglass panels, or even more complex cutting edge materials. This allows us to display images far from a backdrop and give the illusion of being in the room together with the audience. 

Laser shows

Laser shows make use of specific devices which create colored beams for a dramatic effect that fills the entire room of the event. Laser shows not only can be synced with music, but can also feature human interaction, like a dancer touching the beams with their hands and creating the illusion that they are in control of the beams.


Pyrotechnics are always an impactful feature. We safely install and execute pyrotechnic shows outdoors like sparkling rain and fireworks. We can also combine smoke machines with LED lighting to create intricate visual combinations and effects that won’t go unnoticed.